Tonight in Hastings

13 British Horror Stories (illustrated paperback) - Rayne Hall, Jamie Chapman Thirty Scary Tales - Rayne Hall, Xteve Abanto, Jamie Chapman Six Scary Tales Vol 1 - Rayne Hall Six Scary Tales Vol 2 - Rayne Hall Six Scary Tales Vol. 3 - Rayne Hall Six Scary Tales Vol. 4 - Rayne Hall Six Scary Tales Vol. 5 - Rayne Hall Undead: Ten Tales of Zombies - Rayne Hall, John Hoddy, Douglas Kolacki, Tara Maya, Matt Hults, Jeff Strand, Paul D. Dail, Jonathan Broughton, Tracie McBride, April Grey Scared: Ten Tales of Horror - Rayne Hall, Deborah J. Ross, Jonathan Broughton, Karen Heard, Pamela Turner, Liv Rancourt, William Meikle, Tracie McBride, Grayson Bray Morris, Donna Johnson, Rayne Wheeler, Deborah Wheeler Haunted: Ten Tales of Ghosts - Rayne Hall, Sera Hayes, Jonathan Broughton, Grayson Bray Morris, Kiersten Hartrim, Carole Ann Moleti, Douglas Kolacki, William Meikle, Tracie McBride

I'm participating in an evening of ghost and horror stories tonight at the Jenny Lind, Hastings, East Sussex, England.

There'll be other authors, too, including Jonathan Broughton.

If you're there, say hello. :-)