Kobo Fiasco Update


(You may want to read my previous post on the subject first, to understand what it's about.)
The main disaster zone is definitely the UK. I've tested by searching every indie author I know, and nobody's books are still available on Kobo.
Here's the shocking twist: When I search these authors (non-erotic ones), Kobo shows me other books instead.. pornographic ones! Considering Kobo's justification that they were cleaning up the catalogue, this is a sad joke.
With other countries, I get conflicting reports. Some people in the US  tell me they can see indie authors in Kobo's catalogue, though not everyone. Others report that they can see indie books in the catalogue, but the buy links have been disabled. 
Some bizarre though rare variations occur, too. One person from the US told me they could see all my books on Kobo - but they were attributed to "author unknown". Go figure.
Kobo still hasn't installed an 18+ filter, which would surely have been the first step in solving their problem. 
Em Taylor did an interesting experiment: She searched "School of" on Kobo - something a child might likely search - ... and 80% of titles displayed were erotica!  That was *after* Kobo deleted all indie books. Do we need any further evidence that pulling indie books was idiotic?
In the meantime, some people claim that Kobogeddon never happened, that we're imagining things.  That's because they still see their books on their Kobo Dashboards, because they access the US site, or because they're convinced that "Kobo would never do such a thing."
Yeah. Right.