The Death of Nnanji (Seventh Sword, #4)

The Death of Nnanji (Seventh Sword, #4) - Dave Duncan I loved, loved, loved The Seventh Sword trilogy. When I found out there was a sequel, I was delighted, and hoped for more of the same good stuff.I hesitated because it was expensive, and I wondered if I should wait until the price came down (it usually does with e-books by bestselling authors; when newly published, they're expensive and gradually they get cheaper). But I didn't want to wait.Summary: Not worth the price.Much as I enjoyed the Seventh Sword Trilogy and would recommend it to lovers of epic fantasy, this sequel is not up that same standard.Most of the time, it's just characters explaining things to each other. Nothing much happens. Here and there are moments of interesting action or of interesting human relationships, but most of it is just dull talking heads and info-dumpingdialogue.(The next sentence contains a spoiler)The title is a fake, too - Nnanji doesn't die in the story. Maybe the publishers realised what a dull book this was, so they gave it a dramatic title to create artificial interest. But this only made me feel cheated.Interestingly, in the foreword the author says he doesn't normally write sequels to completed series, from principle, but he made an exception here. I wish he'd stuck to his principle.My advice: Read the trilogy, but don't bother with this sequel.