The Wayward Apprentice

The Wayward Apprentice - Jason Vail I nearly didn't buy this book.Disliking hyperbole, I was put off by the boastful book description "Thirteenth century England has never been brought more vividly to life than in the pages of The Wayward Apprentice."Still, I had a look at the sample chapters, and liked them a lot, so I bought the book after all (the Kindle edition from'm glad I did. I found the story thoroughly enjoyable. The plot is interesting, the writing style smooth, the characters are individuals. Above all, I like the intense historical flavour. I really felt like I was living in a 13th century town. There were a lot of compelling, realistic details, and none of the usual medieval cliches. The story oozes authenticity.(But I still don't like the hyperbolic boast in the book description.)