Best New Zombie Tales Trilogy (Vol. 1, 2 & 3)

Best New Zombie Tales Trilogy (Vol. 1, 2 & 3) - James Roy Daley,  Jeff Strand,  Simon Wood,  Joe McKinney,  Bev Vincent,  Robert Swartwood,  Kim Paffenroth,  Tim Lebbon,  Harry Shannon,  David Niall Wilson,  Nancy Kilpatrick,  Gary McMahon,  Rio Youers,  Jeremy C Shipp,  Nate Kenyon,  Paul Kane,  Cody Goodfellow,  Book As a lover of horror and fantasy short stories, I've read a lot of zombie story collections recently, and this anthology stood out. The plots are original and exciting, the writing styles fluid. This anthology contains a lot of stories. It is also available as three separate volumes, but I'm glad I bought the big book. If I had to choose one of the three shorter volumes, I'd opt for the first which contains most of my favourites.These are my personal favourites:"Dredging Up The Dead" by J.W. Schnarr: Zombie fish and multi-layered plot."Worm-sacks and Dirt-backs" by Lee Clark Zumpe: Zombies as a source of cheap labour."The Basement" by William T. Vandemark: Short and intense."Connections" by Simon McCaffery: A loving father does what it takes to support protect his abnormal child."After, Life" by Jeff Parish: Short and exciting."Paradise Denied" by John L French: Only some people qualify for the apocalypse."Groundwood" by Bev Vincent: Original premise; the virus spreads via paper pulp."Bury Me Not" by Rio Youers: A slow suspenseful tale."Feeding Frenzy" by Matt Hults: Masterful escalation of tension."The Man Who Breaks the Bad News" by Keelan Patrick Burke: Believable human responses and behaviour."Immunity" by Jeff Strand: Short. Every word superbly crafted. Captures the essence of the zombie theme."In The Land Of The Blind" by Robert Swartwood: Startling perspective. Thought-provoking.