Baynard's List

Baynard's List - Jason Vail I enjoyed the intense historical flavour of 'The Wayward Apprentice' so much that I immediately purchased the sequel (the Kindle edition from book follows immediately on the events of 'The Wayward Apprentice'. Almost no time has passed, and it makes sense to read the two books close together.'Baynard's List' is good, too, with the same vivid experience of medieval life, an exciting plot, and individual characters.However, this book has sections which take the reader away from Stephen (the main character), and those don't work well, at least not for me.For example, we've been following the exciting story from Stephen's point of view, and got really deep into feeling, thinking and experiencing everything from inside Stephen, so much so that the reader forgets s/he isn't Stephen. Then suddenly, Stephen leaves the room, and the reader is left with Olivia and Margaret talking about Stephen. This jerked me out of the story.Perhaps other readers won't mind, but for me, these jolts lessened the reading enjoyment.I also didn't like the first chapter. It's basically a summary of the events from 'The Wayward Apprentice'. Readers who've read that book won't need the summary, and readers who haven't read it are likely to be confused by all those many names and references.The story takes off with chapter 2. I wish that's where the author had started the novel.I'll probably buy the next book in the series when it becomes available.