The Quartz Massacre (Rogue Trooper)

The Quartz Massacre (Rogue Trooper) - Rebecca Levene I have loved some of Rebecca Levene's other books - but this one is just so silly on many levels.The basic premise is interesting: In a future society, young men are genetically created, bred and trained for war. They're supposed not to have personalities. Unexpectedly, they have real personalities, and the reader experiences warfare through one of them. This premise could potentially make a good story.When one of them dies, his mind/soul can be stored and reinserted into a new body. This could potentially make a good story too, but the way the author handled it, it's just so implausible. The personality can also be inserted into a gun, so the gun can see, hear, smell, talk, think, remember, advise like the human whose soul has been inserted. It can also be inserted into a helmet or plugged into a computer and so on. I find this ridiculous. Actually, the details are even more ridiculous.There are other ridiculous elements. For example, the genetically bred girls, who've been raised in a period in the future, and kept apart from human society, and not received any education beyond warfare-related training, have apparently a thorough knowledge of 1970s human pop music (they give each other nicknames such as 'Sister Sledge'). Where would that knowledge come from?When reading science fiction, I'm willing to suspend my disbelief to some extent, but there's a limit. This whole book is a bundle of silly implausbilities. Perhaps other readers don't mind, but I was unable to enjoy this.On the plus side, the writing style is good, smooth and fast-paced as always with Rebecca Levene.