The Whitechapel Murder Mystery

The Whitechapel Murder Mystery - Rob Hamilton I enjoyed this a lot. It's a historical crime novel/thriller, lively and absorbing.Fortunately, I didn't realise it was yet another book about finding Jack the Ripper, or I wouldn't have touched it. By the time I realised it was yet another Jack the Ripper story, the book had already absorbed me.Halfway through, I thought that something about the plot structure, characterisation and writing style was familiar. For example, the characters' nodding their heads and shrugging their shoulders so often.I checked the author, and discovered I had indeed read another book by this author recently, The Lime Street Irregulars, which uses the same writing style and plot devices.The Lime Street Irregulars is an ok book. The Whitechapel Murder Mystery is great.In the Lime Street Irregulars, the characters nod their heads and shrug their shoulders non-stop, and it got on my nerves and spoilt the reading pleasure for me. In The Whitechapel Murder Mystery, the head-nodding and shoulder-shrugging are a bit tedious, but not so frequent that they would spoil the book. Most readers won't even notice.