The Lime Street Irregulars

The Lime Street Irregulars - Rob Hamilton I enjoyed reading this for the most part. The story is good. The characters are interesting. The opening with the narrator in the wheelchair, presumed senile caught my attention and made me root for the guy. Then he tells the story of his adventures in WW2. It's exciting and entertaining, although when the guys capture Hitler in Paris, it stretched plausibility too far.The characters in this story are constantly nodding their heads and shrug their shoulders. It's as if they were engaged in a contest who can nod their heads and shrug their shoulders most often. It got irritating. I felt myself wishing they would nod their shoulders and shrug their heads for a change. :-DBut what really, really annoyed me was when the characters spoke German. There are a lot of German characters speaking German in this book. And it's not German. Apparently, the author used a dictionary to translate individual words, and strung them together, unaware that the German language uses different structures and that words mean different things in different contexts.The result is embarrassing gobbledegook, so ridiculous it made me cringe.If the author can't speak German, he could have asked a German to help. But apparently this occurred neither to author nor the editor.If the author didn't bother to research this simple thing, I assume he was equally careless with other aspects of the research. I lost my trust in the historical accuracy and the authenticity of the story.It spoilt the book for me. What a shame. It could have been a delightful book.