Would anyone like to read&review "Thirty Scary Tales" before it's published?

Six Scary Tales Vol 1 - Rayne Hall Six Scary Tales Vol 2 - Rayne Hall Six Scary Tales Vol. 3 - Rayne Hall Six Scary Tales Vol. 4 - Rayne Hall

"Thirty Scary Tales" will be out next month, and I'm looking for reviewers.


Basically, it's a bundle of Six Scary Tales Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.  These are horror stories of the quiet kind - creepy, atmospheric, disturbing.


They're not the violent slash&gore type horror, though there is some violence, and I wouldn't recommend it for young readers without parental guidance.



I'll send you the ebook free if you want to review You can review it anywhere - on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Booklikes, GoodReads, Facebook, your blog,  The review can be honest, simple and short, just say what you personally liked or disliked about the book, which story is your favourite, that sort of thing.